What is SAT?

What is SAT?

What is SAT in Pakistan?

Most people think that SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test or Standardized Assessment Test, but the fact is that it does not stand for anything. There was a time when it was an abbreviation for something but now it is not an abbreviation for anything.

Who offers SAT in Pakistan?

SAT is offered by College Board. SAT is one of the most reputable products of College Board. College Board has given the NOC to Pacans to produce free online material related to SAT.

What is the duration of SAT in Pakistan?

SAT is going to last for 3 hours and 45 minutes. The exam is long so you need to have the stamina to concentrate for this period of time. Time period for the exam would be approximately 4 hours 30 minutes as you would be getting time for the break and some time would also be required for settling down.

What are the main topics in SAT in Pakistan?

There are going to be 3 main topics in SAT:

  • Critical Reading
  • Writing
  • Math

What is the fee for SAT in Pakistan?

Fee for SAT in Pakistan is $91

Do we have to take SAT in Pakistan?

If you are living in Pakistan, you will not have to take this exam as Pakistani universities do not require it. If you are applying to America or Canada you will have to take the exam as it is mandatory to take the exam in order to getting admission in an American University.

What is the range of score for SAT in Pakistan?

The minimum score you can achieve on each section is 200 and the maximum you can get is 800. There are 3 sections in the exam so the minimum score you can get on the exam is 600 and the maximum you can get on the exam is 2400.

What is the considered to be a good score for SAT in Pakistan?

Anything more than 1900 is considered to be a good score for SAT. Most preparation center claim that they can help students achieve more than 2100 marks but this is not true. The score a person will achieve will actually depend on his schooling and on his or her own potential.

Is preparation needed for SAT in Pakistan?

It depends on the capabilities of the student and also from the place he or she has completed his or her schooling. If someone has studied from International School of Choueifat or Lahore American School the student would get a very good score on SAT.

SAT Preparation at Pacans

Pacans is offering two courses for the preparation of SAT in Lahore.

4-week course for Rs 6,000

8-week course for Rs 10,000

We are charging less because we operating as a non-profit organization.

Call your SAT Instructor 0322-0146186 (Mr. Umar Khan studied from International School of Choueifat and Canada)


Is admission in foreign universities granted on the basis of SAT score?

SAT score is one of the factors which the admission boards of the universities will consider while granting admission to the students. Apart from SAT score they are also going to look at your High School Average and Personal Statement.

Current SAT

If you take SAT before 2016 you would be sitting for the Current SAT, but from 2016 onwards you would be sitting for New SAT.

Difference between Current SAT and New SAT

Content Current SAT New SAT
Time 3 hours 45 minutes 3 hours
Negative marking 0.25 for each incorrect answer No negative marking
Calculators Allowed Only allowed for one section
Score Our of 2400 Out of 1600
Writing Compulsory Not compulsory
Math Difficult Easier Math
English High Frequency Words Vocabulary in context
Reading Simple Reading Voracious Reading
Difficulty level Difficult Easier



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