‘Say NO to corruption!’ – Senator Waqar’s landmark speech

‘Say NO to corruption!’ – Senator Waqar’s landmark speech

'Say NO to corruption!' - Senator Waqar's landmark speech


In a meeting with a delegation of foreign businessmen at Gulzar House, Lahore, Senator Waqar reinforced his stance regarding the issue of corruption in Pakistan.


'I believe corruption to be a root cause of poverty and illiteracy in our country,' Senator Waqar reportedly said.


He commended the businessmen for exploring the idea of setting up businesses in Pakistan, and the Senator reminded them that Pakistan offers the best policies and environment for the running of a smooth business operation. The only thing that is currently plaguing various businesses is the rampant government corruption. Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan assured the delegation that he is doing his level best to wipe out corruption from Pakistan. He has a multi-targeted approach toward eradicating corruption, and he hopes he can put it into effect.


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