IELTS Speaking Topic:Your Favorite Music

IELTS Speaking Topic:Your Favorite Music

What kind of music do you like?

When do you listen to it?

How does it change your mood?

Music is a very important part of every human being’s life. Some people like hip hop, some people like rap and others like jazz. Different people have different tastes for music but there is one thing common amongst all these people, which is that almost everyone in this world is madly in love with music.
I am very fond of music. I like all types of music, but my favorite type of music is Indian music. I like to listen to sad Indian songs because I feel that I can relate to them. My life has not worked according to the plan and I have been sad for most part of my life. So I think that those songs are made for me.
I like the Indian songs because they are in my native language and the music in those songs is very good. Whenever I am very sad I play the songs so that I could feel sadder. I know it seems weird but I kind of like it when a song is telling my story. I also listen to sad songs when I am driving a car and my time is spent in a very good manner.
I really like the songs in which the piano is played. I also know how to play the piano so I also play the same tunes on my own piano.
As I told you earlier that if I am sad I listen to sad songs so that I could become more sad, but when I am happy I do not listen to sad songs on the contrary I listen to happy songs which make me more happy. So I would say that sad songs make me more sad whereas as the happy songs make me more happy. I recall a day when I was sad and my cousin turned on a rap song and it actually infuriated me and I went out of the room, banging the door.

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