IELTS Speaking Topic:Your favorite car

IELTS Speaking Topic:Your favorite car

What is name of your favorite car?

What are the features of the car?

How has it changed your life?

The name of my favorite car is Toyotta Corolla. I bought this car 3 years ago. Before this I used to travel on the bus, but after buying this car my life changed significantly. This car is not very expensive, yet it provides all the good features which a person might expect from a luxury car. I like red color so I chose to buy a red a car. It is true that I cannot always look at the color of my favorite car, but whenever it is parked somewhere I feel good.
The car has power windows, so we do not have to manually do the work. The car also has a very beautiful interior. The interior of the car is comparable to the interior of any good luxury car in the world. The thing is that I do not like to drive the car fast, but for all those people who want to drive the cars fast should definitely go for this car. This car also has an SRS airbag which means that in an event of an accident the driver’s life would be safeguarded. The design of the car also strives to provide a certain kind of protection for all those people who are sitting in it.
I bought the car 3 years ago since then my life has been great. Before buying this car I was in a dilemma. I never reached at places on time and I was not able to manage my in a proper way. This car has made my life easier and I can easily say that I can’t survive without it now.

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