IELTS Speaking Topic:Wedding event

IELTS Speaking Topic:Wedding event

Which was the last wedding you attended?

Describe the event?

Did you enjoy?

The last wedding I attended was of my best friend’s brother. To describe the wedding in one word I would say it was simply spectacular. I am right now working in another city so because of the wedding I got a chance of going to my native city because the wedding was held in my native city.
I simply have no idea about who decorated the place and who did the arrangements but I know one thing and it is that the whole place looked as if it was a royal wedding. I could see perfection everywhere. I was happy to be there. I got to the place at time and when I reached there I was able to meet a lot of old friends. We were able to catch up and it was really fun talking to them. The most exciting thing was the food. I have always had a liking for the food which is served in weddings because it is mostly spicy and tasty.
I enjoyed a lot. Wedding ceremonies in my country are never without songs. There were many dances and as a matter of fact I also danced on the insistence of my friends. At first I was feeling really embarrassed but eventually everything turned out really well. I also liked the way bride was dressed up. They were looking very different and good. After looking at the couple I felt good about the whole idea of marriage and felt a certain kind of inclination towards which process.

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