IELTS Speaking Topic:Uses of Paper

IELTS Speaking Topic:Uses of Paper

What are the different uses of paper?

Why do you use paper?

What is the relation between paper and environment?

Paper is a thing we all use every day. I would go to the extent of saying that paper has more than a million uses and it would be almost impossible to state them one by one, but one of the common uses are educational and communication purposes.
I mostly use it for educational purpose because I am a student. I have to write a lot of assignments on the computer. Once someone said that with the advent of computer the usage of paper would decrease but in fact it has increased. Another reason for using paper is that I have to submit news posts everyday and in order to do that I have to extract information out of the newspapers which are printed in paper.
We as human being have been using a lot of paper and we are not even recycling it. Paper is produced by cutting trees, and massive cutting of trees is not justified by any purpose because it destroys the environment.

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