IELTS Speaking Topic:Uniform

IELTS Speaking Topic:Uniform

Why do people wear uniform?

Have you ever worn a uniform?

What role does uniform play in a person’s life?

We all have seen people wearing uniform. People of different professions wear uniforms in order to distinguish themselves from other people and to show unity. You can easily observe that different organizations have different uniforms. I personally like the uniforms of lawyers. Lawyers wear a black coat in my country which is quite good. Apart from lawyers there are also other people who wear uniforms. The most obvious ones are army men, doctors, students, police men and people of other law enforcement agencies.
I used to wear a uniform when I was in my school. I used to wear a white shirt and black pants. I was totally not cool with it. I always thought that my school should have allowed all the students in my school to wear their own clothes. I never felt good after wearing the uniform and I wanted to just take it off. But now that I am an adult I realize how wise it was of the school to make us wear these clothes. Wearing a uniform just saves us from the effort to try so hard to choose the clothes. Now I contemplate the idea behind making the students where the uniform. There are some rich and poor people in a school, so the schools introduce a uniform to promote equality and brotherhood amongst them. Uniform plays a vital role in the life of a person. It promotes unity, discipline and integrity. I can easily say that uniform has played a very imperative role in my life.

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