IELTS Speaking Topic:Type of movies you like

IELTS Speaking Topic:Type of movies you like

What type of movies do you like?

Compare different types of movies?

How do you feel after watching?

I like to watch sad movies. I know that people would consider me as a sad person, but I feel good after watching them. I am mostly interested in watching sad Indian movies. I feel that no one does sad movies better than the Indians and the songs make the entire thing a very unique experience. 2 days ago I watched 2 sad Indian movies and both of them were of Shah Rukh Khan. The actor acted well in all the films.
I go for movies every week with my friends and all of them are interested in the action movies. So, on their repeated requests I decided to watch the movie and in the end I was bored to death. The action was so childish and all the people were jumping over the buildings as if they were spider-mans. It was pathetic and I think that I would have never been able to adopt a liking for action movies as I am not into these sad movies
I also watch action movies, but I have no connection with those movies. I get bored after thirty minutes, but there is a whole different story with sad movies. My life has been sad lately. I feel that I am able to relate myself to those movies and I endeavor to find a pattern which matches my life. I know this might be sounding crazy but it is how I feel about the thing.

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