IELTS Speaking Topic:Sports event

IELTS Speaking Topic:Sports event

Why did you attend it?

Describe a sports event you attended?

What was the best part about the sports event?

It was about 9 years ago when I went to the annual sports day of school. It was a very grand event; more than 600 students were participating in different games. I also had to attend it because my cousin was playing in the hockey team. I had come to watch the hockey match because I wanted to support my cousin.
It was a magnificent event. Things were organized incredibly well and the head boy of the school was organizing everything by himself. I was really impressed by the look of the event and it would not be wrong to compare the event to Olympics. There was a massive display of fireworks at the beginning of the hockey match and then the teams came for the match. I must say that it was a very interesting encounter.
The best thing about the sports event was when my cousin scored the goal. He had been working really hard for to get a place in the team, and when he used this opportunity in the best way by scoring the only goal of the match. The entire crowd was cheering for my cousin and it was a moment to cherish. I was feeling proud of my cousin and I realized that he was a celebrated person at the school. After the match finished I congratulated my cousin and I told him that the entire sports event was a blast and I had enjoyed a lot by coming to the event and by watching the match.

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