IELTS Speaking Topic:Saddest moment in your life

IELTS Speaking Topic:Saddest moment in your life

What happened?

How did it change your life?

How did you cope with it?

I have had a lot of sad moments in my life but the saddest moment in my life is when I failed my Math exam. It was grade 9. I was struggling a lot with my math so my father came to my rescue and he taught me. He used to teach me well but I never revised the concepts. I got 49% in the math exam and I came back to my home. My father asked me about the result as he had great expectations from me, but I told him that I had failed the exam.
At that moment I saw his face, his face showed as if he was blaming himself for my failure. He did not even scold me and he went straight in to his room. That moment I realized that not taking my life seriously was not only hurting me, but also my parents. I did not make any fake promises this time and I made a true promise to myself that no matter what happens I will work very hard for my exams and I will try my best to achieve good grades in the exams.
I stopped watching movies and I started concentrating on my studies. I don’t know what was happening, I was getting a kind of strength to work harder and I was fully determined to show to the world that I was capable of something good and ultimately I passed the next math exam with an A grade.

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