IELTS Speaking Topic:Pollution

IELTS Speaking Topic:Pollution

How is pollution caused?

What measures can be taken to reduce pollution?

What impact does pollution have on people?

Pollution is a menace. The entire world has become the victim of massive pollution, and no matter how hard we try to reduce it, it is constantly increasing day by day. Most of the pollution created is due to the increasing number of factories which are being established. The other reason for the creation of pollution is the pollution created by cars.
There are many measures which could be adopted in order to reduce pollution. We as citizen always blame the government for the increasing pollution, but we are to be equally blamed for this pollution. Last week I was driving a car and I saw a car emitting so much smoke as if there were some kind big cigarette installed in it. But seriously it was just a mess. What is more, the government also has a responsibility of decreasing pollution because it a very important issue these days. Governments have started to increase their health budgets because pollution has affected people’s health immensely.

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