IELTS Speaking Topic:Photo

IELTS Speaking Topic:Photo

When did you take the photo?

Do you like the photo?

What kind of story does the photo depict?

There was a time when photos were only taken by a camera, but now everything has changed. Computers and mobile phones have enabled people to take a lot of photos and I think people take billions of photos everyday in this world. I myself take so many photos that I sometimes forget which photograph did I take and when did I take it. There is one of my photographs which I like the most. This photograph is very beautiful.
I like the photograph very much. In this photograph I am carrying my niece and she is smiling at me. I saw the photograph about a week ago. I did not even know that the photograph existed until my sister showed it to me. I liked it so much that I made it the wallpaper of my computer and whenever I open the computer the first thing I see on the computer is that photograph.
The photo shows happiness. I think it was taken 4 years ago, and shows how time passed by and how the world changes. After looking at the photograph I remembered that my niece was crying a lot and my sister was giving her to the maid, but as I decided to hold her in my arms she got happy and smiled and that was the moment when the photograph was taken. The photograph shows a time when I was happy and a time when used to have an optimistic view of the world but now all optimism and love has just vanished from my life.

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