IELTS Speaking Topic:Newspaper

IELTS Speaking Topic:Newspaper

What is the name of the newspaper?

What part of the newspaper do you like?

How often do you read the newspaper?

My favorite newspaper is Confuse News. This newspaper is a local newspaper in my country and people like it a lot. The newspaper deals with all the news which arouses confusion amongst the public. Confuse News tries to answers all the question which are in the reader’s mind and after reading the newspaper people say that most of the questions are answered. Other newspapers simply state facts whereas confuse news stated the facts along with the proposed solution.
I love the sports section of this newspaper. Last weekend the national cricket team of Pakistan cancelled its tour of Dubai and I was so much confused and I was not able to find the reason for this, but Confuse news had an article on this and all my questions were answered. I also like the size and quality of the paper which is used by Confuse news. You know the ads on this newspaper are not even irritating. I have read so many newspapers and I find most of the newspapers irritating because of their ads, but Confuse News blends the ads with content in a way that no one can complain.
These days I am very busy because I am starting a new website, but I try to find as much time possible to read Confuse news. When I was less busy I used to read the newspaper everyday and I used to spend about 20 minutes. There was a day when I had not read the Confuse News for 6 days and I was feeling as if I was cut off from the world.

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