IELTS Speaking Topic:Means of transportation

IELTS Speaking Topic:Means of transportation

Means of transportation in urban and rural areas in your country?

Which means of transportation do you use?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using it?

There are many means of transportation in my country. People in the urban areas usually have their own cars or they use the public transport whereas the people in the rural areas tend to travel on bicycles and tractors. People in this world use the means of transportation which are suitable for them. The previous mentioned means of transportation are used to travel within the country whereas the airplanes are used to travel from one county to another.
My favorite means of transportation is a car. I got this car when I was 19 years old. First I used to travel on a bus, but after getting the car my life got a lot easier and I felt that car was a necessity rather than a luxury. First I used to travel on a bus and I never reached to my destination on time. There was a day when I missed a bus and due to that I also missed my exam so I got a zero on my exam. I think that the use of a car enables a person to reach on time and it also protects a person from bad weather. There are also some disadvantages attached to the use of car as it is very expensive to keep a because a person also has to pay for the maintenance charges. Cars also create pollution and traffic congestion.
I still feel that the benefits of using a car outweigh the drawbacks and more and more people in this world are trying to get their own cars.

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