IELTS Speaking Topic:Importance of trees

IELTS Speaking Topic:Importance of trees

Why are trees so important?

How have trees impacted your life?

Why should the cutting of trees be banned?

Some people have very limited knowledge of the trees and they only tend perceive trees as objects which are only giving green color. There is more to that. The trees are the things which give us the oxygen. The importance of trees can be understood by the policies which have been adopted by different governments. Different governments have been promoting the plantation of the trees and they have been taking the initiative of new plants which would grow into trees.
My life has been greatly impacted by trees. I live the green color of trees and I also get fresh oxygen by walking near the trees in the morning. I once had to live in Dubai for 4 months, and by living over there I was able to know that how important trees are. Dubai is mainly a desert area and people over there felt so deprived of plantation that they were making every possible effort to get trees in their area. While living in Pakistan I never realized how blessed I was to be surrounded with trees.

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