IELTS Speaking Topic:Importance of exercise

IELTS Speaking Topic:Importance of exercise

When do you the exercise?

What exercise do you do?

How do you feel after doing exercise?

I do not think that anyone in this world can deny the importance of exercise in his or her life. I have seen that people who do exercise live a way more healthy and wealthy life. I would even consider obesity as a disease which deserves to be eradicated from this world.
I definitely know about the importance of exercise because first I used to be very fat. I weighed 200 pounds and I was obsessed with junk food. I got so much fat that I started hating myself. One day I made a commitment to myself that I would lose my weight and that could only be done by exercise.
I started off with jogging on the treadmill, but as the time progressed I also started weight training. The exercise which I like the most is running. After running I feel as if I am in the air and I feel very good. I run for about 30 minutes every day and it is a very good experience. Last month I had to go out of town for a business meeting. As I was attending the meeting I did not get a chance to do exercise and I felt so bad. Some people say that they feel tired after doing exercise, but that is not the case with me. Whenever I do exercise I feel energetic and I am able to perform my other tasks in a very good manner. I would recommend everyone to indulge into some kind of exercise because it would be make a person both mentally and physically fit.

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