IELTS Speaking Topic:Health situation in your country

IELTS Speaking Topic:Health situation in your country

What are the common diseases in your country?

Is healthcare expensive in your country?

How should the government deal with this problem?

I am going to talk about my country Pakistan. The health situation in my country is not very good. The common diseases in my country are acute respiratory infection, malaria, cancer and dengue fever. There are thousands of people who blame the government for not providing the proper care, but I think it is also the responsibility of a citizen to safeguard oneself.
A staggering percentage of the health care is provided by the private sector. More than 50% of the health facilities are being provided by the private sector. We cannot say that the healthcare is expensive as long as it is being provided by the government, but the healthcare provided by the private sector is very expensive. There are some very good social welfare associations which are providing free healthcare facilities to the poor people in the country. I would like to tell you about Wasila Welfare Society which try to provide free healthcare facilities to the deserving people of the country.
The government can solve the problem by taking some drastic measures. The government should start a campaign of making people aware of the ways on how to prevent different diseases. The government should also try to make new medical colleges in the country. There is huge shortage of doctors in our country and all the doctors, who are good, are trying to leave the country as they are not provided ample opportunities to succeed in life. Government should also take the initiative to provide pure drinking water to the people because it will solve half of the problems which may lead to the contagious diseases.

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