IELTS Speaking Topic:Hard work

IELTS Speaking Topic:Hard work

Are you a firm believer of hard work or luck?

Tell about a thing for which you worked yet did not get success?

Do you consider yourself to be a hard worker?

You would not believe that it is me who asks this question from people and today I am being asked the same question. I am not a lethargic person, but I do believe that hard work does not exist. Every person in this world has a right to state their own ideas and defend them but I think that we are just playing in the hands of destiny and when we get something we want we usually link to our hard work, but actually it was our destiny to achieve that thing and we just got luck.

My life is full of events which have forced me to believe that hard work is just a nonexistent thing. I started a very big business and gave all my efforts to it and I was hopeful of its success, but a slight change in the government’s policy destroyed by business and devastated my life. People who hated me said that I did not make enough effort, but it is only me who knows that the story was different and in spite of doing every possible thing I failed.
As I told you earlier that it would be difficult to define the word hard work, but I can say that when I have to do something I just do it. I do not make excuses so I do not even leave the work to the next day. It has always been my primary motive to work with full dedication and then leave the result to God.

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