IELTS Speaking Topic:Graduation ceremony

IELTS Speaking Topic:Graduation ceremony

When did you graduate from school?

What preparation did you have to make for the ceremony?

How was the overall experience?

I graduated from my school in 2004. If I calculate it, it would be 9 years ago. Some people say that it was just yesterday but I think that I do not even remember the event properly and if would be real hard for me to recall all those memories. In Pakistan, graduation is mostly referred to 14 years of education, but in the international educational system students also graduate after completing High School Diploma, and I am going to talk about the ceremony when I graduated from my school which was International School of Choueifat.
We all were to make our own arrangements of buying suits and as far the rehearsal for the real occasion was concerned it was primarily done by the management of the school. They told us everything about the day and they also sent invitation cards to the parents of the students who were to graduate, so I would say that we were pretty much doing whatever we were told to do.
The only thing I know about the graduation ceremony was sadness. Most people refer to graduation ceremony as a time when they felt proud or they felt happy, but I was feeling sad. It was painful to leave all of my friends and the most painful part was that I was to leave the school in which I studied for 12 years. I never actually loved the school, but as the graduation ceremony was being held I realized that I was never to see these walls again and I was never to see these halls again but then I realized that everyone has to move on in life and this time it was turn to move on.

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