IELTS Speaking Topic:Favorite Teacher

IELTS Speaking Topic:Favorite Teacher

What subject did he teach?

How do you want to describe his or her personality?

Compare him or her to other teachers?

Teacher is a person who educates the students and gives knowledge to the students which benefits the students in their later life. I was taught by many teachers in my school, but my favorite teacher was Mr. Smith. He taught me math in grade 8. I got so much inspired by his dynamic personality that I decided to become a teacher and right now I am a math teacher because Mr. Smith influenced me a lot.
I would like to describe his personality as a very strict person. I would go to the extent of saying that he was a cruel teacher. He made us do a lot of work. At first I did not like him because he gave so much homework and I was not able to do anything on the weekend other than just studying. As I kept on studying from him I realized that he was being strict for our benefit and it was because of him that my math is very strong. The entire class just started loving him after the first semester because he helped us increase our GPA.
My school was good and always very helpful towards the students. All the teachers were good but there is no way anyone could compare Mr. Smith with the other teachers. I remember that once I did not understand anything about the exam and I requested my science teacher to teach me something during the break but he refused. On the contrary, when I asked for help from Mr. Smith he gave me extra time after school even when he had to go to school to organize his daughter’s birthday.

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