IELTS Speaking Topic:Favorite sport

IELTS Speaking Topic:Favorite sport

What is the name of the sport?

When do you play it?

How do you feel after playing it?

My favorite sport is cricket. I can keep on talking on this subject for 10 days, but I will only tell you the exciting stuff. Cricket is a game which is very popular in Pakistan and India. There are many teams which play the game. About 6 years ago I started hating this game but with the introduction of the 20-over match my interest in the game developed more and I started loving it.
I play this game every Saturday. I play this game with my friends and we have a very good time at playing this game. The exciting part is that I am going to play cricket two times this week. I am going to play it two times because one of my cousins has invited me to come over to his house to play the game. I have been doing the preparation for the last 10 days in order to play the match well. I am good bowler, but I cannot play well with the bat. I think the primary reason is that I want to hit each ball for six and this gets me out, each time I come on to the crease.
I feel very good after playing the game. It makes me energetic and also makes me happy. This game is a good way to socialize with my friends and the achievement of hitting a six is just awesome. I think that every person in this world should play some kind of sport because it a very good form of exercise.

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