IELTS Speaking Topic:Favorite song

IELTS Speaking Topic:Favorite song

What kind of song is it?

How often do you listen to it?

Do you know how to sing it?

My favorite song is “Tune jo na kaha”. This is a Hindi song from an Indian movie. I watched the video of this song on my flight back to Lahore and since then I have loved this song a lot. This is a very sad song. Actually the movie was very sad, so one would expect that the song would also be sad. This song is about a boy who fails to tell a girl that he loves her and as a result of this she marries someone else.
I listen to this song a lot. I think I have been through a similar kind of situation in my life, so I think as if the song has been made for me. The song has excellent music and the lyrics just hit a person’s heart. The lyrics are so simple and true that anyone in this world could remember them. This song is very popular in my country. I have seen most of the people singing or listening to this song. These days Indian music has lost its touch and they are not producing good sad songs the way they used to do in the past, but this song is quite good. It has the ability and power to make a true lover cry.
I can sing songs, and I like to sing songs whenever I am free. I remember that 3 months ago when I went to a friend’s wedding ceremony, my friends asked to sing the same song and I sang the song which was appreciated by all the people. Sometimes I go wrong with the lyrics, but for most of the time I am pretty good at remembering the lyrics as the song is so close to my heart.

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