IELTS Speaking Topic:Favorite perfume

IELTS Speaking Topic:Favorite perfume

What is the name of the favorite perfume?

Describe the smell?

Should people wear perfume?

The name of my favorite perfume is Pr 37. This perfume is only available in my city and it is growing in popularity day by day. I had gone to the mall and I saw an advertisement over there. First I was confused about whether to buy it or not, but then I decided to buy it. The smell was just incredible. I was so crazy about the perfume that I bought 10 bottles of it and whenever I go to a restaurant or to a friend’s house I wear the perfume.
It is impossible to describe the smell of a perfume, but I will try to describe how I feel after I wear it on. The smell is very strong and it remains for at least 24 hours. The smell of the perfume gives me the feeling of as if I am a very powerful man. My friends told me that the perfume smells like chocolate. Some people even say that the perfume smells like a flower, but I think that Pr 37 smells like a thunderstorm.
People have often associated perfume with women, but I feel both women and men should use it. I am living in a very hot country and if people do not use a perfume they smell terrible so it would be a very good idea to wear a perfume. People often complain that they do not have the finances to buy a perfume, but I think it is just a lame excuse because if people can spend so much money on clothes in order to look good how can they not spend money on smelling good.

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