IELTS Speaking Topic:Favorite movie

IELTS Speaking Topic:Favorite movie

Name of your favorite movie?

Why do you like it so much?

What message did the movie give?

I watch a lot of movies and this is the thing which I do in my leisure time. I love to watch movies and there some movies which I watch again and again. My favorite movie is The Terminal. I have watched this movie a million times and I am not exaggerating it. I loved the way Tom Hanks acted in the movie and it was a very well executed movie. The movie is about a person who gets stuck in an airport and he has to live over there for months because the authorities do not let him go outside of the airport. Tom Hanks plays a character of a person who comes to America to fulfill his father last wish and due to some reason he is unable to do what he has to do.
In the movie Tom hanks lands at the airport at the airport and at the same time there is a mutiny in his country and America stops recognizing his country. The movie shows how a person survives all these months and fulfills the wish of his dead father. There is scene in the movie when the authorities ask him to say that he is afraid of his country, but he refuses to do it.
You would not believe what I am going to tell you now. Once I was travelling and I was stuck in Schipol Airport for 2 days and I had to face similar kind of situation because my ticket had expired. I just felt as if the whole movie was going to be played again and I was to play the main character this time.
The movie shows that no matter what happens a person should never compromise on his or her love for the country. The move also gives a message that no matter how long the wait is, people with strong determination always achieve their goals.

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