IELTS Speaking Topic:Favorite movie character

IELTS Speaking Topic:Favorite movie character

Describe the character?

How has the character affected your personality?

Have you seen a similar kind of person in real life?

My favorite movie is terminal and that is the reason I like the character of Victor Narvoski in this movie. The character was played by Tom Hanks and the thing which I like about the character was that he was a very simply and honest person. He was a very simply man who travelled to America to fulfill his father’s dream, but due to some visa problem he had to stay at the airport.
This character has affected me in a very good way. Victor had to counter many problems in while staying at the airport, but he did not compromise on his principles. He was a true patriot. There was a time when the authorities agreed to grant to him the visa on the condition that he acknowledges that his country has acted as a threat to him. I was amazed to see his love for the country. He inspired me a lot and after looking at his character I started loving my country more. I have also become an industrious worker. I strive to achieve the things which I need no matter how difficult the task is.
I have never seen this kind of person in this world. I do not think that these kinds of people exist in this world. Most of the people in this world are selfish and they are always ready to compromise on their principles as long as they get the monetary gain. I think that there still would be a person in this world who would be just like Victor and I am very eager to meet that kind of person.

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