IELTS Speaking Topic:Favorite magazine

IELTS Speaking Topic:Favorite magazine

What is the name of the magazine?

How does it interest you?

What is your favorite part in the magazine?

The name of my favorite magazine is CAFELS. It is a very unique magazine which is about the education sector of Pakistan. It was initially a website, but then the founder of the website also decided to make his own magazine. I started reading this magazine when I was 17 years old and I have been reading this magazine for the last 3 years and I can’t complain. The magazine has 100 pages and each page has a different and unique thing in it.
I like this magazine a lot because it is really exciting. Other magazines in the country are normally about fashion and all other stuff which does not interest me. This magazine tells about all the good schools and colleges in Pakistan. One day my friend brought me another magazine and the name of the magazine was “Confuse News”. He strongly recommended me to read the magazine as it was really interesting, but I could not read it. My brand loyalty towards CAFELS is so great that I cannot imagine reading another magazine other than this one.
Right now I am doing High School Diploma from Pakistan, and I also want to study in Pakistan so this magazine gives me a good idea of the colleges and universities in Pakistan. My favorite part of the magazine is the section when different colleges and universities are ranked from 1 to 10. This ranking is based on the survey conducted on the internet, so no one can say that the survey was biased or not in accordance with the rules.

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