IELTS Speaking Topic:Favorite language

IELTS Speaking Topic:Favorite language

What is your favorite language?

Why is it your favorite language?

What are the benefits of learning this language?

My native language is Urdu, but my favorite language is English. I have been learning English since my childhood. English is also the official language of my country and most people in my country have a passion for learning this language. I have such strong association and bond with English that I have decided to write and English language book.
I was taught by foreign teachers at my school. I think the way they spoke the English motivated me to learn the language and also speak the language like them. I feel that this has become my favorite language because it has also helped me learn a lot. If you see, you would easily notice that all the subjects in my county are now being taught in English and if someone does not know English he or she would also not be able to understand that subject.
There are many benefits of learning this language. The first reason is that the most of the communication in this world is done in English. Another benefit of learning English is that people who can communicate in English can get a very good job in Pakistan. I am very fond of watching movies and most of good movies in this world are made by Hollywood and if you cannot understand English, you would not be able to understand the movies.

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