IELTS Speaking Topic:Favorite drama

IELTS Speaking Topic:Favorite drama

What is the name of the TV drama?

What type of TV drama is it?

What message did it convey?

My favorite drama is Prison Break. I watched this drama 3 years ago. The drama has 4 seasons and all of them are quite gripping. The drama is about 2 brothers who break the prison in order to prove their innocence. All the characters in the drama are very good and I can definitely say that people who watch one episode will not be able to leave the seat unless they watch the entire season which quite exciting.
This drama is an action thriller. I know that you might have heard of these types of dramas a lot so I wish I could come with another word which could clearly distinguish from this ordinary word. I live in a conservative society where children are not allowed to watch movies or dramas without parental guide and even if they are allowed the dramas should not expose the children to adult content. This drama does not contain any vulgar content, yet it is very interesting.
The message which the drama conveyed is that a person has to be strong in his or her life because a person does not know what might happen in his or her life. The drama showed that even when one brother was living a good life, he still sacrificed his good life just in order to give a better life for his brother. The drama showed no matter how difficult the circumstances are, a person should never leave his or her loved ones in the time of need.

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