IELTS Speaking Topic:Favorite city in the world

IELTS Speaking Topic:Favorite city in the world

What is the name of the city?

Describe the city?

Why do you regard it to be your favorite city?

My favorite city in this world is Dubai. It is a very beautiful city. I went to Dubai about 3 years ago. The trip was planned by my family and friends so it was a very enjoyable trip. We were about 15 people and we had the greatest fun ever.
I had not visited Dubai before, but the moment I landed on the Dubai Airport I realized that Dubai is the most beautiful city in the world. First of all we went to the hotel. The name of the hotel was Flora Park. The next day was all about shopping. I had heard a lot about the various discounts which were being offered in the malls of Dubai, and I was very keen to get benefit of those discounts. Other than shopping I also went to various amusements parks and restaurants. I was amazed to see how the Dubai had managed to plant so many trees in the city as originally Dubai is a desert and it would have been very difficult to do a task like this.
I have visited a lot of cities in the world, but I still consider Dubai to be my favorite city because it was very colorful. There was so much life in the city and everything was moving so fast. I could also call Dubai as a city of fun. The other reason I liked Dubai that much was that on my trip I met some people and now those people are one of my best friends.

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