IELTS Speaking Topic:Family event

IELTS Speaking Topic:Family event

Why was the family event held?

Describe the event?

Did you feel happy after the event?

The family event was held in order to celebrate the re-union of the family. My whole family lives in different countries and last month surprisingly all of my family members go together so my cousins and I decided to organize a big lunch.
The family event was special due to the fact that everyone was present and we were not able to feel the absence of anyone. There were a total of 50 people and the first thing I had to do was to give the order to the caterer. The event was held in the garden. My cousin suggested me to keep everything simple and boring, but I advised him to arrange for some music. The music added a unique kind of happiness in the event and after the event everyone started dancing and had a lot of fun. Another thing which I would like to tell about the event is that the decoration was simply beautiful. As the adults entered the place they thought as if I had organized the place for a wedding. The place was well decorated and the place was very welcoming.
I felt very happy after the family event. We all family members were able to meet each other and the arrangements were simply fantastic. Everyone liked my idea of having the event at the house as we were able to have a certain kind of privacy which could have not been possible in a restaurant or any other public area.

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