IELTS Speaking Topic:Enjoyable trip

IELTS Speaking Topic:Enjoyable trip

Where did you go?

Who planned the trip and why?

How was the trip?

It was 2 years ago when I went for a picnic. My cousin planned the entire trip and we went to a place which was near the lake. He had visited the place earlier and he liked it very much, so he convinced me to go over there. The trip was just mind blowing from the beginning to the end.
We sat in the car at 9 am and it was a 4 hour drive from my home. We were a total of 5 people and we went to the place. As we reached the place we started cooking food as we were feeling very hungry. The place was looking so beautiful at night. There was a certain kind of reflection which the lake was putting on the land which was around it. I do not know what instigated me to do so but I swum in the lake. It was so cold over there that I even caught cold because of the cold weather.
I would say that overall the trip was very good. The main reason was that I was able to spend some quality time with my cousins and I was also able to live some time peacefully without any noise. I am even planning to trip like this in near future and this time I am the one convincing other people to go with me. I have been able to realize that in order to plan an enjoyable trip one does not have to spend so much money, it is just about finding the right place and right time.

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