IELTS Speaking Topic:Describe your neighbor

IELTS Speaking Topic:Describe your neighbor

What kind of relations do you have with your neighbors?

Do you help out your neighbors?

Should a person have good relations with his or her neighbors?

I have very good relations with my neighbors. Actually my best friend is my neighbor. I spend most of my leisure time with my neighbors as I know them since my childhood. I can share all my feelings with them and they can also do the same.
I try to help out my neighbors as much as I can. Last year a child was cycling on the street and suddenly he fell which caused him a lot of bleeding. I rushed towards the child took and him in my arms. There was nobody around me so I had to take him to the hospital alone. As I was going towards the hospital I was getting worried and tears were coming out of my eyes and the child was just like a little brother to me. I reached the hospital on time and my neighbor got all the medical attention he needed.
I feel that a person should have very good relations with their neighbors because they are living close to us and they can provide us immediate help; furthermore, my religion has ordered me to keep good relations with the neighbors. We should try to lessen the grief of our neighbors and try to share our happiness with them.

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