IELTS Speaking Topic:Describe a school you attended

IELTS Speaking Topic:Describe a school you attended

What was the name of the school and describe it?

What was the unique feature of the school?

How did the school contribute towards your success?

I attended International School of Choueifat. I joined the school in 1992 and I studied in the school for 12 years. I got my High School Diploma from the school and the overall experience over there was simply mind blowing. It was a school located in Lahore and the school built on a total area of 62 kanals and I have heard that the swimming pool of the Choueifat is the biggest swimming pool in Pakistan.
The unique feature about the school was that foreign teachers were teaching in the school. Most of my teachers were from Canada, America and England. All the courses and subjects were taught by foreign teachers and that is the reason most of the students in my school had excellent English. There was another good thing about my school. Another thing was that the school had a very good examination system. Students were supposed to sit for about 2 o 3 exams in day and these exams constituted of 30% of the final grade. There are so many other good things about the school, but I do not think that I would be able to tell them in such limited time.
The skills which this school gave me were extraordinary. The school was expensive but the knowledge which I acquired from International School of Choueifat has played an indispensable role in my life. I have not yet become successful in life but the education which I got from Choueifat has helped me find my direction in life. Students of this school surpass the students of other schools in all fields of life.

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