IELTS Speaking Topic:Construct your own house

IELTS Speaking Topic:Construct your own house

Where would you build your house?

How many rooms would you build?

How would you decorate it?

Every person in this world wants to build his or her own home. If I ever get a chance to make my house I will make my house in my hometown Lahore. I like Lahore a lot so I would I like to construct my house over there. Some people like to build their in the downtown area but I would like to build my house in the suburbs of Lahore. I like to live in a place which is very peaceful and quiet.
I would like to make a very big house. I would make a house which would consist of at least 20 rooms. There would be everything available in one room. I would keep 3 or 4 rooms for my own use and I would like to make a library where I could do my work and I would also be very keen to make a exercise room. I was thinking of joining an exercise club, but now I think that I should plan to make an exercise room in the house if I seriously have to reduce my weight.
I hate it when people try to make the interior of the house very simple. I would like to make everything look very royal and colorful. I would buy the furniture which would have a lot of carving and colors. I would like to put wall paper instead of paint. Decoration is a very important in a house and I actually do not know much about the interior decoration so I think I am most probably going to request the services of an expert who could convert my ideas in to actual things.

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