IELTS Speaking Topic:Clothes

IELTS Speaking Topic:Clothes

What kind of clothes do you like?

How much money do you spend on clothes?

Are you brand-conscious?

We can classify clothes into two types of clothes. The first one is the casual clothes and the other is formal clothes. I am obsessed with formal clothes. I fail to understand when people say that they feel comfortable in casual clothes. I do not see anything good in them. I always want to wear formal clothes because I feel confident after them. I like formal shirts and pants.
I do not spend a lot of money on my clothes because I buy my clothes when the stores are offering huge discounts. The last time I shopped was when I went to Dubai. I bought many things from there because there was up to 75% off on many things. I spent about $ 2,000 on my clothes, so I was pretty much done with my shopping for the year. I never kind of plan my shopping, and sometimes I even get lucky because my sister brings a lot of clothes for me so I do not even have to buy them.
I am not at all brand-conscious. I fail to understand the notion behind spending a lot of money on brands. Yes, people who have the money should buy these expensive brands, but people who do not have the money should not keep fantasizing about these things. The main reason I do not like these expensive brands is that I do not have enough money to buy them. I buy the things which I like, given that they are in my budget. I have no allegiance towards a particular brand I would regard myself an independent shopper.

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