IELTS Speaking Topic:Birthday party

IELTS Speaking Topic:Birthday party

Whose birthday party did you attend?

What part did you play in the birthday party?

How many people attended the event?

It was my friend’s birthday 4 days ago. I can talk so much about this thing because I was so much part of it. The thing is that he was out of town and his mother requested me to plan a surprise birthday party for him. I had to completely make sure that no one finds about the party or else the entire surprise element would just vanish.
The first thing I had to do about the birthday was to order the cake. I had not met my friends in years so I did not know what his likes or dislikes were. I had to make all the arrangements on the information I had 5 years ago. I had to go to the catering company and I also gave a call to all our close friends. You could say that I was the person who had the sole responsibility of planning the event and then executing it.
The party turned to be a blast. It was above my own expectations and it was a well attended one. As I went in to the hall it was hard for me to believe that all the arrangements were done by me and the place was looking simply incredible. The thing which satisfied me the most was that my friend was really happy with all the arrangements and I was happy that I was able to plan the things the way he wanted them to be. There was a thing which seemed somewhat awkward but I would still mention it. The thing was that people were interested in giving me orders but I clarified that I was not a professional party organizer and all the arrangement which I did were to make my friend happy.

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