IELTS Speaking Topic:An incident which changed your life

IELTS Speaking Topic:An incident which changed your life

What happened?

Who was involved in it?

How did it change your life?

It was about 3 years ago when I was going to my friend’s house and I was driving the car really fast. Speed always thrilled me and I always felt good by driving the car very fast so I was driving the car fast and suddenly a car passed me. It was faster than mine and I reckon it would be travelling at a speed of 200km/hr. First I thought of increasing my speed but then I decided otherwise. After about 30 seconds I saw that the car had hit the truck and the driver of the fast car was dead.
I was not directly involved in the accident, but it had an overwhelming affect on my life. It changed everything. I never used to take life seriously and I never considered driving speedily to be hazardous activity, but the killing of the person had a devastating effect on my life. I realized that the thing which I considered to be fun could even take my life away and could destroy others too.
I made a strong determination that day that I would end this kind of behavior and try to avoid these things. I thought that doing this stuff could also take another person’s life for which I would have never been able to forgive myself.
Now when I drive the car I drive the car at a low slow speed, and even if I have to reach to a place urgently I decide to drive slow because it is better to reach late than never.

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