IELTS Speaking Topic:Airport

IELTS Speaking Topic:Airport

When was the time you visited the airport?

Describe the airport?

Why did you go to the airport?

I went to an airport 7 months ago. I went to airport because I had to go to Dubai. I was going to Dubai for a pleasure trip and I was excited about it. I was going with my friends so my family came to see me off and it was the first time I went to the airport to travel abroad. Before this I had gone to a railway station, but I had never gone to an airport for travelling and it was my first experience of an airport.
The name of the airport was Allama Iqbal International Airport. The airport is located in my native city and it is a very huge airport. It would be very difficult for me to compare it with other airports of the word because I have never been to other countries, but if I compare this airport with airports in my country I would definitely regard it a very beautiful airport.
As I entered the airport there was a very strict security check, and I had to go through a lot of barriers before getting to the airplane. I was told to show my passport and ticket again and again. At some point I started thinking as if I had committed a crime by going to the airport, but in the end I realized that all the stuff was just to ensure that the passengers get safely to their destination. I would advise people not to travel alone the first time they travel on an airplane because the person traveling would definitely get confused by the procedure which the airport staff follows.

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