IELTS Speaking Topic:A visit to the museum

IELTS Speaking Topic:A visit to the museum

When did you visit?

Describe the museum?

How did you feel after going there?

Last month my cousins came over to my house and they were insisting on going to the museum. I was not interested in going to the museum because I do not like the museums at all. They finally persuaded me to go there and when I entered the museum I was mesmerized by the beauty of the museum.
Museum was divided into sections. The first section was related to the great inventions whereas the other section was mainly concerned with the paintings and all other stuff. I was more inclined towards the inventions, so I went to the first section. As I entered the area I could see a huge computer. The computer was made in 1960s and it was of the size of the room. I was amazed to see its size and I realized that the computer engineers of today would have made a lot of effort to reduce the size of the computer. I also saw the first bulb and other stuff.
My cousin came to me and he told that there was some interesting stuff down there on the other section so I decided give it a look. The other section consisted of paintings of the Mughal era. The paintings were very beautiful and they were depicting the beauty of that period. There was also a huge food court in the museum so we went to eat something.
The overall experience of the museum was simply fantastic. I saw a lot of things and I came to know about my country’s culture. I think that if I had not visited the museum I would have regretted this decision for the rest of my life. I feel that everyone should pay a visit to the museum because it keeps him or her well informed about the culture and we should all applaud the efforts of our ancestors as they made many sacrifices to make our life easier.

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