IELTS Speaking Topic:A visit to the mall

IELTS Speaking Topic:A visit to the mall

When did you visit the mall?

Why did you visit it?

How was the experience?

I went to Masonville Mall 3 months ago. I went over there because I had to do some shopping. I went to the mall with my cousins. We all had to do some shopping for the upcoming wedding of a friend, so we all decided to go to the mall.
The mall was extraordinary. I was really impressed by the decoration of the mall. I had limited budget, and I had decided that I would spend only $500 on the clothes, but things were so good that I had to borrow some money from my cousins and then I bought other stuff.
The best thing about the mall was that the staff over there was very friendly. I have visited a lot malls in the world, but I have never seen such good customer service. After doing all the shopping we were so exhausted that we could not even take a step. I came up with the idea of eating food, so we went to the food court which was located in the mall. It was a huge food court and almost everything was available over there. I had New York Fries and a burger.
I always miss the mall a lot as the trip was fantastic. I sometimes think of going there again, but these days I am kind of busy, so I do not find the time to go over there. But, I am planning a visit to the same mall somewhere around next month.

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