IELTS Speaking Topic:A visit to the carnival

IELTS Speaking Topic:A visit to the carnival

When did you visit it?

Describe the good things about the carnival?

How could have the carnival been made better?

Actually I was asked to organize a school carnival last week. I think I would be able to talk a lot on this subject. I was asked to make all the arrangements for the school carnival. As you know the carnival is held every year before the lent and most of the schools celebrate it as a very important event.
First of all I had to seek help of some volunteers, I asked my cousins to help me out and they agreed to help. It was a carnival for the children so I had to get the things which would be of interest to the children. I contacted the magician and asked him to show his tricks at carnival. This thing was very interesting for the students. Another thing which was of interest to the students was that the theme of the carnival was Hollywood and all the children were dressed up as their favorite Hollywood stars.
I regret one decision which I made during the organization of the carnival. The carnival would have also acted as a fund raiser if I could have sold some tickets.

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