IELTS Speaking Topic:A business you want to start

IELTS Speaking Topic:A business you want to start

What business do you want to start?

Would you require certain skills to start this business?

How would your life change after this business?

Everyone wants to start a business, but very few get to keep it running . Since my childhood I have always had a dream of starting my own business. I believe that business is all about doing things which others cannot afford to do. I want to start my own college where I could provide good quality education to the people. I know that this business is not very feasible and things might be ugly on my end, but I think that if I do my business with complete commitment and my luck favors me I would be able to benefit from this thing.
I have always been a slow learner in school. I would not say that I was dumb but I could say that I always had to understand thing completely before grasping the main idea of the thing. This quality has made me a good teacher and this quality helps me identify what things might confuse or irritate the students. This quality of understanding the problems of the students can be regarded as a very important skill in establishing a college. I am also aware of the fact that skills are not the only things which will help me become successful in life and I will surely have to inject some capital to keep my business running.
There would a great shift in my life. First of all I would be able to do things which I always wished to do; moreover, I think that there are very good chances of earning good profit. I think that doing this business would open new opportunities for me and I would be able to enjoy every second of this time.

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