IELTS Essay no.9: Children are the impressions of their parent’s behaviour

IELTS Essay no.9: Children are the impressions of their parent’s behaviour

Children are the impressions of their parent’s behaviour. If a child behaves badly his parents should be considered responsible and should be punished. How far do you agree with this.

Parents give birth to children and take care of their children from adolescence to maturity. Sometimes children behave in a way which is considered unacceptable and deplorable by both their parents and the society. There are times when even the parents fail to fathom their behavior. Most people are of the view that as parents have the sole responsibility of the upbringing of their children, they should be the ones castigated for their erroneous behavior.

The first thing which we have to consider is that children are not mature and they mostly act the way they are taught to act. There is colossal evidence which shows that internal fights between husbands and wives are one of the primary reason for the frustration and aggravation in children. When parents use abusive language in front of their children it mostly impels the children to adopt that way of conduct.
There are no parents who would ever instigate their children to act in the illicit way. All parents strive to ingrain good skills in their children but they still behave in the wrong way. Parents are not the only ones who have an impact on children, there are innumerable factors which compel the children to behave in the way they do. Schools also play a vital role in the way student behave. Most children learn how to abuse or fight in the schools.
There is no law in the world which would advocate the punishing of one person for the actions of another. If you think consciously you will comprehend that the flawed behavior of the children is in essence an actual punishment for their children. Parents have to face embarrassment and degradation in front of people.

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