IELTS Essay no.8 :Can internet world replace the world of books and words?

IELTS Essay no.8 :Can internet world replace the world of books and words?

The modern technology is all making things easily available. Internet has provided us the easy downloadable versions of most books we need. Can internet world replace the world of books and words? Give your own views in not less than 250 words.

Most people are discontinuing the contemporary practices of attaining education, and they are keener towards acquiring knowledge by the use of technological innovations. Books have acted as a true asset in imparting knowledge, but now the reliance on internet sources is also considered important. Different people have different notions but I think that that internet has more importance in today’s world but it will not be able to replace the books completely.

Almost everything is available on the internet, be it newspapers, journals, comics, books or articles. The unique feature of the information on the internet is that it is free and readily available for everyone. A person sitting on the internet does not have any monetary or time limitations. The information can be viewed again and again and it always remains over there. Multiple jobs and busy schedules are even forcing people to forgo school education in favor of online education.

Some people believe that books can never be completely replaced by internet because even in such an era of scientific development and technological acumen people still tend to read from the books. Colleges and universities may offer the course on the internet, but people prefer to use the books in the school or college. Some people even consider that the information provided on the internet is not reliable and is generated from undependable sources. The authenticity of the information cannot be verified so it is seen skeptically.

Another debatable issue in the online world is the issue of copyright infringement. Everyone likes to get free stuff but someone is paying for that stuff. We often ignore the source of the information but the truth is that someone is suffering because of the downloadable versions and this information will cease to exist once proper laws are executed for the online theft. That is why it would be better to use the books which mostly do not indulge in any plagiarism.
Both internet and books are important and if they both are used collectively they would be able to produce greater and better results for an individual or organization, but I think that internet would not be never be able to replace books in the field of education or any other field.

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