IELTS Essay no.7: Parents should not interfere in the lives of their children

IELTS Essay no.7: Parents should not interfere in the lives of their children

Some parents grow their children in strict discipline while others leave them free to learn lessons of lives on their own. Which is one of these is a better approach and why? Give your own opinion in not less than 250 words.

In pursuit of success for their children some parents persistently intrude in their lives while others leave them as free birds. Every day of our life teaches us a new lesson which we were not even aware of. Discipline is another name of instructing another person on how to live his or her life.

Parents have been adopting different discipline strategies to control the lives of their children and they consistently monitor them. Some people are of the opinion that children are vulnerable and they are bound to make mistakes which might hurt them or the people connected to them. This vulnerability requires the imposition of strict rules and regulations which are enforced by parents. I have personally seen that those who are left alone to live an independent life are eventually connected with the word juvenile delinquency. Quest for money and power compels the children to adopt wrong ways of achieving the high goals.

We do not have the ability to control our and we definitely do not have the capability to control the lives of our children. By putting them in strict discipline we are just exercising fake and baseless powers which would make our children electronic robots. Every day has a new dimension. It might slap us or embrace us in its arms. We should make our children aware of the world because it would make them adaptable to the world.

“We will learn from our mistakes” Is it not a cliché? Yes we learn from our mistakes, we do not learn by being guarded by our parents. Children should be given the liberty and independence to practice their ideas and at the same time they should be safeguarded from the evils which they might not have knowledge of.

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