IELTS Essay no.3: Capital punishment is a brutal decision and should be abolished

IELTS Essay no.3: Capital punishment is a brutal decision and should be abolished

Capital punishment is a brutal decision and should be abolished. Give your views in not less than 250 words if you agree or disagree with it.

Capital punishment is a punishment in which the criminal is charged or indicted for a severe crime. Capital punishment is also referred to as the death sentence which implies that the person guilty of committing this offence is to face death sentence. There are many countries in the world which have abolished this sentence, but there are still some countries which are practicing this procedure. Death penalty is awarded to the people who have killed another person.

It may be easier for an ignorant person to say that this punishment is justified, but I being a well informed student of law would strongly condemn this punishment. The law system is a very complexed one. There have been many instances where innocent have been accused of guilt and they have lost their life. Evidence can be easily tampered and it may easily be changed in favor of the person who has the resources.

Instead of killing the accused offender the murderer may be sent to a jail. Jail is a place where the murderer is punished for his or her crime and he has to live a very bad life. One day in jail is tantamount to living in a hell.

Taking another person’s life is a very big crime both legally and religiously. No one in this world has the right to take another person’s life. No matter what the situation is, no one should have the authority to do this thing because it takes another person’s life and life is granted only once. It devastates the life of the family member of the dead person and it ruins his friends. No matter what the other person has done no one should be allowed to take the retribution for other person’s acts. Life is not planned and people tend to do things which they have not planned. I have seen very good people making grave mistakes. This notion forces me to corroborate the lifting of this sentence.

Given the complexities of the law system I feel that the real criminals contrive ways to save themselves from the punishment. This has led me to come of the opinion that this sentence should be abolished.

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