IELTS Essay no.2: Some authors believe that urbanisation is a ‘Modern Disease’.

IELTS Essay no.2: Some authors believe that urbanisation is a ‘Modern Disease’.

Some authors believe that urbanisation is a ‘Modern Disease’. In not less than 250 words explain if you agree with this view and give your own opinion.

Urbanization is the process by which people living in the rural areas shift to the urban areas in order to find a better life. Since medieval times people have been migrating to the places where resources are in abundance. This process is being witnessed all over the world, and many consider it to be bad thing. Some even regard urbanization to be a “Modern Disease”. Before embarking in to any conclusion I would like to see both the aspects of the topic.

The shift or movement to the city creates many opportunities for the people. It is very easy to find jobs in the city area and people can even operate as small businessmen. I would like to talk about my own city. Many multinational companies have been opening their offices in the city which has resulted in better job opportunities for all the people. People move to the urban areas in an effort to acquire better education and healthcare for themselves.

There are also some problems which were created by the process of urbanization. As people move towards the city it gets harder for some people to find the high-paying job which they deserve. People who come from the rural areas are desperate to find a job, so they agree to work at a low salary which deprives the professional people from getting a job. It is very hard to provide housing to the people who are coming from the rural areas. When people gather in a concentrated area the developers have to build apartment building which triggers the traffic problem.

It is the sole responsibility of the people in the rural areas to do the farming, and when they migrate to the metros it creates food problem in the entire country. Many countries have been encountered by this dilemma. When these people move to the urban areas to find job in the service industry it cripples the agricultural industry of the country.

I think that it would be a better decision for people in the rural areas to live in their areas but I think the government should make an effort of providing better schools and hospitals in the rural areas.

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