IELTS Essay no.18: The threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace

IELTS Essay no.18: The threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace

The threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace. Nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. The benefits of nuclear technology far overweigh the disadvantages. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer.

Nuclear weapons have always been perceived as a tool of mass destruction, but there is another side to it. Nuclear weapons can be used to produce clean energy; moreover, nuclear weapons could even foster peace and relax tensions between the countries. I think that nuclear weapons have managed to avoid wars and maintained peace in the area. Peace dominates the political landscape of sub-continent; not despite the presence of nuclear weapons but because of it. Nuclear weapons can help country produce energy, but on the other hand it might also trigger confrontational environment.

Iran is one of countries which are claiming that it is using nuclear power to produce clean sustainable energy. The entire world is skeptical of Iran’s nuclear program, but the fact is that because of the nuclear program Iran has been able to become an economically strong country, in spite of all the sanctions levied on it.

Some people are of the notion that nuclear weapons would heighten suspicion and hostility between the countries but entirely the opposite is true for two nuclear powers: Pakistan and India. Pakistan and India have fought 3 wars, but since the possession of nuclear weapons by both countries, the relations have improved. Nuclear weapons have thus become deterrents of war rather than instigators of war. World wars witnesses unprecedented catastrophes which are initiated not by nuclear weapons but by the hideous minds of people.

There are some disadvantages of possessing nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons may have not resulted in a war till now, but if a war abrupt nuclear weapons would do unprecedented damage. There nuclear weapons have been a cause of tense relations between different countries.

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