IELTS Essay no.16: Deciding the size of one’s own family is a personal preference

IELTS Essay no.16: Deciding the size of one’s own family is a personal preference

Deciding the size of one’s own family is a personal preference In your opinion should government intervene in the rights of the individual with regard to family planning?

Family is a group of individuals who are socially and emotionally dependent on each other. We can see that overpopulation has created many problems for not only families but also for different governments. Many governments have taken the initiative of introducing modern contraception and family-planning information while other governments have decided not to implement their will on the people.

Some people believe that the parents should make the decision on how many children they want to have. I would like to take the example of my own country where the parents have to bear the expenses of their children and the government does not make any kind of contribution in the upbringing of a child. The intervention of my country’s government in this issue would be viewed with utter rage and distrust. If the family has the ability to pay for the child’s expenses it should also have the right to exercise the decision on whether to have it or not have it. There are a lot of people who corroborate the notion that the parents should be empowered to make such a vital decision of their life.

It is the sole responsibility of the government to provide the basic necessities of life to its citizens. No matter how inefficient or unaware a government might be, it still has to employ resources to provide public goods. We simply cannot envisage the problem which governments have been facing due to this incessant population increase. This escalating population fuels many other economic problems like unemployment and inflation. Furthermore, a child who is deprived of basic necessities will not only look at his or her parents with resentment but also the government with antipathy.

Government is an organization which has the power and authority. Family planning was perceived as a moral wrong and social evil in the early days but now all the political parties and welfare organizations are trumpeting their support for family planning. I think that the government has every right to influence families on deciding how many children to have.

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