IELTS Essay no.15: Borrowing money from another country may damage relations.

IELTS Essay no.15: Borrowing money from another country may damage relations.

It is sometimes said that borrowing money from another country can harm or damage the relations with the country. Do you agree? Why or why not?

A country has a very complicated relation with another. No matter how cordial their relations are they can never completely rely on another country. The economic turmoil of 2008 led many countries to implore for a loan by the richer countries and big financial giants. The money was either needed to bailout the country, pay for the extravagant expenses or to develop the infrastructure. Borrowing money should be opposed at all levels and especially when it comes to getting loan from another country.

There is no possible way a country could not harm the relations with another country after borrowing money. Money is borrowed to ameliorate the conditions of the people of borrowing country. The money might be able to improve the conditions but the lending country will do a lot of intervention in the affairs of the country.

Borrowing would trigger distrust and disbelieve among the countries.
Governments generate money by taxing the citizens and it is the tax-payer who pays the money with the supposition that the fund would be utilized in the country. The tax-payer would be infuriated on finding that the money is going to be used to solve the problems of another country. This would spread anger and distrust among the citizens of the loan granting and a certain kind of superiority would be visible in their behavior. Relations would be rattled and destroyed forever.

Some people even contend that helping another country in need would in fact improve their relations; moreover, it would help strengthen relations and collaborate in different ways. A country would always remember the generosity of another country and help improve the relations.

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